About Us 

Sky 88 Technology Limited was established in Hong Kong in 2012. We are a company focusing on developing the best gaming platform and webs services that suits our client’s needs.  We always believe in the core value of our company’s culture: Vision, passion, innovation and to be different. It is what makes us forward and going through every challenges.

Our Team

Our success is driven by a dedicated team of experts specializing in all fields of development. Our mission is to strive to provide the best services and qualities of products to our abilities.

Server Programming

Client’s concern is always our concern. We want our clients to be satisfied and rest assured not only from the completion for the project, but also the maintenance and support we provide after. Our experts in the server team will make sure the quality of our project are well done and stabelize every issues that might occured in the future.

Game Development

In order to develop the best gaming platform for our clients, our experts in game development team are full of innovative and creative ideas. Experting  in both fields of UX and UI to provide the most convenient, easy started and professional gaming experience.

Game Design

Design is always the frame and draft before everything starts and begin to develop. By winning on first impressions, we got experienced game artist to design all flows and exterior features, we will make sure every details are well designed and suits our customer’s expectations.

Web Services

We also provide a dedicated web services to our clients. Our experts will provide all kinds of solutions and options according to client’s interests from our web services. By using our web services, clients can get accessed to their own platform and website easily to altered anything needed.

Network Security

We want not only our clients to feel secure in all areas, but also the customers from our clients to feel secure. By achieving the satisfaction from all customers and clients, our team of network security will ensure that all datas and information are well secured and safety from all network attacking and hackers, and to provide a best network security strategy.

Technical Support

Not only providing online support to our customers, but we also have a dedicated team that solve and provide support to all technical issues and network problems to our clients. They are also experts that will back-up any hardware issues for our company.

Henry Lo

Henry Lo

CEO, Chief Executive Officer

I don’t believe that success is impossible, if someone says it’s impossible means that he is not working hard enough for it.  Success won’t come randomly, it will only be hold by your hands if you embrace it.  Believe in yourself, and believe in others.  Success wouldn’t be achieve by a person solely, but from a team, a best team. 

Wilfred Leung

Wilfred Leung


To be the winner now in such a large competition in every industries is to stand out and be different than any others. The success of every company now mostly focus on one major element, innovation. There’s a quote Steve Jobs once said , “People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” And this is also a quote that I always keep in mind to push myself forward.

Sky 88 Technology Limited

Address: 6/F, Darton Tower, 142 Wai Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, HK.
Tel. : (852) 2616 0779
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E-mail: info@sky88tech.com